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Space Camp is Cool!

What began as an experiment in the summer of 1982 when some children took their sleeping bags and slept on the museum floor and employees from the U.S. Space and Rocket Center planned hands on activities, is looking to share the same experiences with you.  The workers found out two things from this early experiment:  the kids wanted to spent the night and they wanted to work as teams.  Americans love competition.  To start with, there were 12 sessions of about 20 to 30 kids each.  They bunked at the University of Alabama-Huntsville which had 1,000 beds.  

The 12 and 13 year olds wanted to be commanders of a space shuttle mission.  Space Camp has helped many to see the reason that they need math and science in school.  Many have written back and explained that their experience in Space Camp led them to take more science and math in school and get the degree that they have.  Most children who go to Space Camp don't want to grow up to be astronauts. In the future there will be a lot of opportunities to work on the space program as a design engineer, software programmer, or recycle specialist.  Many people will have jobs dealing with ways to learn to live in space.  Space Camp helps to challenge today's youth to look into such careers.

Ed Buckbee,

Founder of Space Camp

and International Space Camps


The following excerpts are taken from "The REAL Space Cowboys" chapter 26, Next Generation of Space Flyers: Space Camp, written by Ed Buckbee.



One of the main goals of Space Camp has been to motivate youngsters to math and science excellence, using the space program as the inspirational answer to, "Why?"  Space Camp teaches leadership, teamwork, decision-making skills and self-confidence.  The program challenges young people to turn dreams into reality.  It is an intense experience.


When asked by a team leader what he thought of Space Camp, one trainee answered, "It was the first place I've ever been where it's cool to be smart."


It has been my hope to get young people excited about discovery and exploration.  They should enjoy the same purposeful and energetic spirit that permeated this nation when Shepard and his buddies pioneered the space frontier and landed on the moon.


"The way Alan and I saw it, it was a natural that we as astronauts wanted young people to follow us.  I like to see success groomed to come along behind us.  Space Camp is the best way I know of to entice children to be interested in what we did in the past,"  explained Wally Schirra.


Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger is one trainee who is keeping the dream alive.  She is the first Space Camp graduate chosen for astronaut training.  The youngest member of the NASA Astronaut Candidate Class of 2004, Dottie attended Space Camp as a high school freshman in the spring of 1989.


"Whether we go to Mars tomorrow, or 25 years from now, the important thing is we have to continue developing space technology.  We must continue space exploration.  It is the legacy us old guys leave to you young guys.  Take it, wear it well and do well."  -Alan Shepard





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